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Red Pine on Creating Value

An important principle regarding what we value most in our lives [family, health, business, finance, sport, the arts, charity, spirituality, etc.] is: Serving others first serves us best.

‘Serving others first’ is a foundational principle for:

  • Ethical and Moral Living
  • Enduring Relationships
  • True Capitalism
  • Business Best Practices
  • Investing Best Practices

‘Serving others first’ creates positive outcomes for everyone and everything that it touches.

Businesses, for example, are crucial human institutions. Their ‘high calling’ is to create value for their stakeholders – customers [i.e. patients, clients, members, guests], employees, suppliers, families, communities, society at large, and shareholders.

Businesses that flourish best create products/services that add value to their customers. By adding value, these businesses make a profit relative to their cost to produce the product or service. This creates a win-win exchange in which both parties benefit.

This win-win dynamic of value creation [business best practice] makes possible a self-reinforcing cycle in which valuable products and services bring both sales and profits, which drives greater value, bringing still more sales, more profits, and so on. This inherent growth dynamic in value creation causes business to be sustainable and scalable.

The key to value creation is its win-win outcome – the voluntary, mutual beneficial exchange between the parties involved and the absence of a win-lose outcome [greed] in the equation. This exchange of mutual value represents best business practice/true capitalism at work.

Serving others first is the solid rock underlying true capitalism. You get rewarded when your neighbor gets rewarded. People who serve best, gain most.

We find that most people know little about investing.

Why Red Pine? We’re investing savvy, we love to serve and we’re win-win incentivized.