Why Red Pine

Our goal is to inspire our clients to be exceptional and to excel at investing.

When you are motivated by goals and a passionate purpose, success becomes more likely.
We find exceptional results are best achieved by investing in mutual funds, businesses and real assets that we deem to be exceptional. Most investments do not pass our exceptionality test.


Why should you consider talking with us about your investment program?

If you answer no – or I don’t know – to any of the following questions, we should talk.

  • Do I have specific, quantifiable goals?
  • Am I knowledgeable about my investments and do I know if they meet my needs?
  • Do I keep track of my investment returns, so that I know if I’m doing well or poorly?
  • Am I value-conscious about my investments like I am about other things I care about?


How do you decide if we are a fit for you?

  • Our experience gives us a deep understanding of the investing world.
  • You tell us about your financial goals, the time periods involved and your investing experiences.
  • We take a no-cost, no-obligation look at your investment program.
  • Our fact-based analysis will reveal strengths or weaknesses in your current program.
  • If we see a need and think we can provide value, we show you why and how we can help.

Knowing what you’re doing is your best offense and best defense in investing.

We find that most people know little about investing. Our calling is to help investors learn best practices and to empower them to be wise decision-makers and happy goal-achievers.