The Red Pine mission is to empower investors to be wise decision-makers and happy goal-achievers. We find that most people know little about investing and don't achieve their financial goals.

Our principal has over 22 years of experience as an investor and adviser. We are a valuable partner because we understand investing best practices. Red Pine Investment Counsel is fee-basis only, so we're incentivized to create lasting value for our clients.

The Red Pine is the state tree of Minnesota. It is a long-lived, resilient tree that does well in windy & harsh environments.

It represents the qualities we seek in ourselves & in the investments we choose. It guides us to have the mindset to take advantage of the volatility in the financial markets & the wisdom to make good decisions in partnership with our clients.

We are committed to:

  • Excellence and integrity in everything we do.
  • Exceptional results over the long term.
  • Service to others as the best way to serve ourselves.
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Investment Management

Leveraging our experience & networks with our client’s specific goals.

Consulting Services

Guiding individual investors, financial advisors & other professionals.

Client Education

Information, tools, reporting, & resources.

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Our Blog

Red Pine on Ben Graham & his timeless investing principles

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Red Pine on Creating Value

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Best Practice: a method that over time has shown superior results to those achieved by other means.

Words of Wisdom From Our Co-Founder

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